Downsizing bridging loan

A downsizing bridging loan allows you to purchase your dream home while extending that window of opportunity to maximise the sale price of your current home.

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How does a downsizing bridging loan work?

Perhaps your family has flown the nest, or you want to reduce your living expenses. Either way, downsizing bridging finance can assist in securing that dream home. We understand the importance of downsizing finance and protecting short-term cash flow. Consequently, there are no minimum income requirements or monthly repayments, with interest and capital repaid at the end of the loan.

A Greenfield Mortgages downsizing bridging loan normally last up to 12 months, with funds released in as little as seven days. We appreciate downsizing can be stressful, settlement dates don’t always match, and even the slightest delay in the property chain can disrupt your plans. So retake control and look forward to your new life!

Why use a downsizing bridging loan?

There are numerous benefits with a downsizing bridging loan, allowing you to secure your next home and leave sufficient time to maximise the sale price of your existing property. Some of the specific benefits include:-

  • Access to funds without a lengthy application process
  • Reduce the risk of losing out on a new property
  • Access to funds before the sale of existing property
  • Flexible repayment terms/duration

We offer flexible downsizing finance with the potential to adjust terms and conditions if your circumstances change.

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Additional information about downsizing bridging loans

We take a client-centric approach to downsizing finance, treating each application in isolation. Some of the specific benefits of our downsizing bridging finance include:-

  • Loans from £26,000 up to £5 million
  • Traditional 12-month term
  • Flexibility in the event circumstances change
  • Standard maximum 70% LTV, up to 100% with additional security
  • No minimum income requirements
  • No monthly payments, capital and interest repaid at redemption
  • FCA-regulated and unregulated downsizing finance available

When looking at downsizing bridging finance, it is essential to identify your entry and exit points. We can help with these issues as we seek to secure the best funding arrangement for your situation.

Why Greenfield Mortgages?

Greenfield Mortgages takes a personal approach to each downsizing finance application rather than a one size fits all strategy. We have over ten years of experience in the industry and access to significant finance with funds available in as little as seven days. We have come across all scenarios you can think of and more!


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